Lvstovdavillainz releases 2nd studio project titled “DvyB4Y3strdvy” available on all digital platforms now! (Links below)

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The front cover artwork shows a combination of scattered old polaroid pictures with Lonjevity & Axcell together through the years symbolizing length of friendship & authenticity of culture focusing towards the center pic dating back to circa early 2000’s.

The back cover art work shows the two artists walking away in a rear view focused lens towards a lake, in a cotton candy sky colored setting with the groups name and album title on display in the top right corner across from the 11 track songlist scrolling down the left side.

Idealistically Released on November 5th in reference to the movie “V for Vendetta’s” masked protagonist’s self inspired anti-government holiday with the entrance of the albums intro hearing “V’s” voice quoting the “Remember, Remember, the 5th of November the gun powder treason n plot” speech.

With a wide array of Hip Hop bangers in only 11 tracks Lvstovdavillainz DvyB4Y3strdvy stuns fans with a genuine burst of creative lyrical ingenius truly entertaining work of art.

Opening with tracks like “On One’s” mesmerizing display of both artists lyrical capabilities portraying the direction of the albums Inventive sound straight into fan favorite single “Charged Up’s” dark ominous tone Charged Up – Music Video to “Grindin All Dvy’s” innovative catchiness to gritty hard hitting “Nuthin Bout Dvt” switching it up with a more R&B friendlier “Wvyy Up” & promotional Video single “Nvr Goin Bvk” Nvr Goin Bvk Music Video surprising us with brand new bangers “Guilty” & “So Long” to itunes popular “Nine 2 Five” summing it up with classic Lvstovdavillainz style songs “All Around Me” & “Dead Tvlk’s” unforgettable J.E.V.I acapella outro.

Hardcore Hip Hop fans & lyrical lovers wont be disappointed! Go check out Lvstovdavillainz new project “DvyB4Y3strdvy” now available on all digital media platforms everywhere!

From old fans to new fans Be sure to link up & connect with Lvstovdavillainz today!

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