📺 Nine 2 Five ⌚️

Nine2five – Official Video by Lvstovdavillainz

Directed By JEVIPE$CI Productions 2020.

“Nine 2 five” is the 2nd video promotion 4 the new #Lvstovdavillainz project #Dvyb4y3strdvy available on all digital platforms now!

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#Lvstovdvaillainz #jevipesci #Lonjevity & #Axcell release of “Nine 2 Five” official music video comes during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. Shot & filmed by #stashvisuals on location in Newark Delaware during new year 2020, Written & Performed by Lvstovdavillainz Kenneth Andrew “Lonjevity” Roberts aka J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Christopher “Axcell” Kendall with sounds from blasianbeats Directed by #Jevipescipesciproductions

The 3 min video begins with a “warning” sign of “murda music” a terminology describing an endangered hip hop culture sound incorporated from NYC queens artists such as Mobb Deep & Nas, whom the artists grew up inspired by & are often compared to, pertaining to the style of music created by the independent hip hop duo.

Beginning with a slow zoom introduction into a vintage warehouse TV to an unfinished housing unit where both artists are seen coming out of an interplanetary dimension through closet doors Axcell asks “what the fu*k ya’ll know about LOV?” As a strong bass drop from blasinbeats sets it off iin with glass breaking Axcell displays 16 bars of raw lyrical talent showcasing the “murda music” artform skipping a hook with Jevi “finishing” the beat like a line from Mortal Kombat, completely annihilating the lyrical wizardry of Nine 2 Five! Enough said!

N2F is a spectacular visual for hip hop heads in need of daily relief of covid -19 news & the need to hear something totally different from repetitive mainstream sounds, with worldwide news clips of the pandemic on display in the background along with intimidating wordplay & intellectual metaphors interstellar video effects & fresh transitions! Truly an underestimated independent artistry of uniqueness & quality, leaving listeners in shock & awe insisting on multiple replays to fulfill the enjoyment of Nine2five’s creativeness!

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Dvyb4y3strdvy – Youtube album

Underground hiphop lovers will enjoy Dvyb4y3strdvy album by Lvstovdavillainz!


Lvstovdavillainz releases 2nd studio project titled “DvyB4Y3strdvy” available on all digital platforms now! (Links below)

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The front cover artwork shows a combination of scattered old polaroid pictures with Lonjevity & Axcell together through the years symbolizing length of friendship & authenticity of culture focusing towards the center pic dating back to circa early 2000’s.

The back cover art work shows the two artists walking away in a rear view focused lens towards a lake, in a cotton candy sky colored setting with the groups name and album title on display in the top right corner across from the 11 track songlist scrolling down the left side.

Idealistically Released on November 5th in reference to the movie “V for Vendetta’s” masked protagonist’s self inspired anti-government holiday with the entrance of the albums intro hearing “V’s” voice quoting the “Remember, Remember, the 5th of November the gun powder treason n plot” speech.

With a wide array of Hip Hop bangers in only 11 tracks Lvstovdavillainz DvyB4Y3strdvy stuns fans with a genuine burst of creative lyrical ingenius truly entertaining work of art.

Opening with tracks like “On One’s” mesmerizing display of both artists lyrical capabilities portraying the direction of the albums Inventive sound straight into fan favorite single “Charged Up’s” dark ominous tone Charged Up – Music Video to “Grindin All Dvy’s” innovative catchiness to gritty hard hitting “Nuthin Bout Dvt” switching it up with a more R&B friendlier “Wvyy Up” & promotional Video single “Nvr Goin Bvk” Nvr Goin Bvk Music Video surprising us with brand new bangers “Guilty” & “So Long” to itunes popular “Nine 2 Five” summing it up with classic Lvstovdavillainz style songs “All Around Me” & “Dead Tvlk’s” unforgettable J.E.V.I acapella outro.

Hardcore Hip Hop fans & lyrical lovers wont be disappointed! Go check out Lvstovdavillainz new project “DvyB4Y3strdvy” now available on all digital media platforms everywhere!

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LvstOvDaVillainz- Written & Performed by Lvstovdavillainz J.E.V.I PE$CI & Axcell of (L.O.V) Sounds From Sindustry Visuals By Stash & Kaitlyn Ward. LvstOvDaVillainz (Official Music Video)

LvstOvDaVillainz was Filmed on location in Four Oaks & Clayton North Carolina. The dark to light theme sets the tone for this visual as the first half was shot in Four Oaks memorial Cemetery during the day showing the artists paying homage to those passed in R.I.P T-Shirts & drinking alcohol in the cemetery, while the second half was shot at night on a lake in a familiar wooded area showing the artists both wearing black and gold (V for Vendetta) Guy Fawkes Masks 🎭 around a campfire. LvstOvDaVillainz On Spotify

The song is the first track featured on thier self titled debut album #lvstovdavillainz available now on all digital platforms. It portrays both artists outlooks on each other, how far they’ve come together and the story behind the reason why they are the “Last” of thier kind. Each displaying raw lyrical capabilities & talent to say the least. More so is the storyline catching the listeners and viewers alike with an emotionally charged message of carrying on extinct traditions mixed with a dark melodically haunting bass and snare sound from Sindustry which engulfs you immediately combined with LvstOvDaVillainz skilled wordplay & creativity thoroughly keeps attraction entirely! A very powerful performance, that brings “wows” & can make viewers cry & feel anger all in one song! A defenitely compelling masterpiece that brings the Duo to full fruition. LvstOvDaVillainz on Itunes

The most intriguing addition is the placement of collective clips featured throughout thier musical history/ career featured in the chorus /hooks within the video. Snippets of Scenes ranging from thier first visuals like “Been Doin Dat” to thier latest video “Dream Bigg” which you will have to watch to see (not featured here). Also with clips from performance showcases and personal found footage makes this a must see for all Villainz Fans. LvstOvDaVillainz on Googleplay

Ending with pics of them together back in 1999 takes you on an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end. The song/ track will touch your soul, simply to watch or listen repetitively would not be enough. Five mins brings the Group & listener /viewers to completed aspect in understanding & meaning behind thier story & lyrically driven talent as a strong & diverse overwhelming force in todays Hip Hop music industry as independant artists & last of thier kind! Link up with #Lvstovdavillainz #jevipesci & #axcell Now! LvstOvDaVillainz on IHeartradio here are some stillshots from the shoot! Thanks for being apart of the movement by reading & showing LOV & support! Jevi & Axcell LvstOvDaVillainz 1999

🙌🏻 Dream Bigg 💭

Dream Bigg – Written & Performed by Lvstovdavillainz Lonjevity J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell visuals by STASH sounds from drebeats. Dream Bigg – (Official Music Video) Dream Bigg is the new single / Video release from Lvstovdavillainz featured on thier debut self title project LVSTOVDAVILLAINZ available now on all digital platforms. LvstOvDaVillainz on Spotify

Dream Bigg begins with a short heartfelt speech about the hardships one goes through on the path of following your dreams with the message of no matter how hard it will get to always remember to never give up, joined with slow motioned clips of Lvstovdavillainz dressed in all white walking towards a sunlit mansion structure. Lvstovdavillainz on itunes.Shot & Filmed on location in Four Oaks North Carolina on a sunny afternoon, the team chose a pre-constructed mansion frame as the backdrop. The massive structure adding to the songs message to “Dream Bigg” Lvstovdavillainz on Google PlayEach Artist displays an array of of lyrical talent and creative wordplay over a fast paced hard hitting base snare & piano keyed rythm, touching on current subject matter, as well as sticking to thier known raw & gritty sound & style of storytelling through unique metaphorical approaches. Both giving the listener insights on the struggles encountered throughout thier journey on following thier dreams of Hip Hop & how they did not give up & why. Lvstovdavillainz on Amazon

The opening scenes depict the Group performing the song live at a previous showcase followed throughout the video giving the viewers an in depth look at an up close & personal Lvstovdavillainz, with Axcell telling the crowd “Dreams can happen!” Before executing his verse to precision. Both accent each others chemistry & verbal skillsets keeping fans attention to the very end! Transitioning from a dark blacklight club scenery to a beautiful outdoor sunlit Carolina environment makes for another visually stunning video from @Stash3119

While both rappers telling listeners to never stop following thier dreams also touch on the newer generations lack of respect & knowledge of the culture putting out less talented “mumble rap” songs strictly for profit & not for the Love of Hip Hop With a catchy hook chanting “Dream Bigg” into the line “tell these emcees start acting right, money dont feed that appetite”

Near the end of the song, the beat drops into a surprising bridge with J.E.V.I singing a mesmerizing melody stating ” came up from nothing so must be im dreaming, raised in the gutter I struggled & seen shit” etc. we wont give the whole surprise away but it is a defenite crowd pleasing addictive piece of the track you may have to replay over & over.

In conclusion the video ends fading out a from an exuberant showcase and beautiful landscape into another small motivational peice from actor/singer “Tyrese” reminding the viewers to always “Dream Bigg” combining slow motion clips of the artists walking away to the statement “you say I Dream too big, I say you think too small” emphasizing that it does not stop here & that they will continue to pursue thier dreams until death! Truly a “must see” for all Hip Hop Headz! #lastovdavillainz #jevipesci #axcell check out some still shots from the video shoot below!

💔 My H3ART 🖤

My H3ART- Written & Performed by Lonjevity aka J.E.V.I Pe$ci Visuals by Stash Sounds from Psychobeats. MY H3ART- (Official Music Video)

J.E.V.I Pe$ci aka Lonjevity - My H3ART

My H3ART was shot & filmed by @Stash3119 For Jevipesci Productions on location in Four Oaks North Carolina Historic Gazebo Memorial Park on a cold snowy morning in January 2018.

Starting off the Beginning of the year with a long awaited solo track from J.E.V.I Pe$ci “My H3ART” is a deep heartfelt song touching on the #metoo issues depicting real previous & current relationships in which Jevi himself has been through describing in 3 creative verses each females perspective of their upbringings & shared hardships they faced as young women & how it affected each relationship with himself.

J.E.V.I Pe$ci aka Lonjevity - My H3ART

Beginning with a snippet from the movie “A Bronx Tale” also one of Jevi’s Favorites, with Mobb Character “Sonny” telling his young protege his opinion on True love & how what only matters is what “The Heart” feels. ❤️

J.E.V.I Pe$ci aka Lonjevity - MY H3ART

Powerfully emotional verses along with slow but deep hard hitting snare & bass from Psychobeats with a sampled hook singing “I Loved You” describes the basis of this chilling track, giving the listener a different side of Jevi & his struggles in Love pertaining to 3 main relationships starting with his first Love & loss (whose names will not be mentioned due to disclosures) into his 2nd Love & struggles with, leading into the final verse finishing with his current True Love in which in each describing each females shared tragic past experiences growing up.

J.E.V.I Pe$ci aka Lonjevity

Although these lyrically depicted relationship experiences of past are true & traumatic, Jevi embraces the message of if he hadnt gone through each he would have never found his Final “True Love” that needed him the most” & how each females story relates to the current #metoo issues but have been taking place since the beginning of time, particularly with his occurring before the rise of technology in the late 90,s through early to mid 2000’s, way before these issues were brought to light through social media.

J.E.V.I Pe$ci aka Lonjevity

MY H3ART is an absolutely chilling track & video by J.E.V.I Pe$ci aka #Lonjevity to say the least with bright snowy sunrise visuals of Memorial Park stunning to the eye of the viewer and deeply heartfelt sound combined with his creative lyrical storytelling verses, keeping the listener/ viewer attracted throughout.

J.E.V.I Pe$ci aka Lonjevity - My H3ART

Ending with again a finishing clip of the movie “A Bronx Tale” with Mobster character “Sonny” telling “C” his opinion of love & how there are only 3 main woman that will enter your lifetime with chances of True Love comparing it to the boxing Greats how they only come around every 10 years or so, laughing saying “I had all 3 of mine at 16, sometimes that happens, what can you do?” ( in mobster voice) completing the message and storyline of this amazing song and all 3 women changed his life in many ways forever.

J.E.V.I Pe$ci aka Lonjevity

Congratulated by Hip Hop Pioneer Harlem Figure “Benny Hill” of the G-Force Crew as one of J.E.V.I’s “best song yet”, another stunning visual is truly a “must see” for all hip hop lovers & #metoo advocates alike!

J.E.V.I Pe$ci aka Lonjevity

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⏰ Don’t Waste My Time⏱

Don’t Waste My Time – Written & Performed By Lonjevity aka J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell Visuals by @ Stash sounds from DowntownMusic. Don’t Waste My Time- Official Music Video

Don’t Waste My Time was shot & filmed By @Stash3119 on location in Downtown Four Oaks North Carolina & Nearby Sunset Lake Christmas of 2017. The Sunset lake landscapes and Downtown night time Christmas lighting make this a visually stunning video! 🌅

J.E.V.I & Axcell - (L.O.V) Lvstovdavillainz

With an extremely emotional motivational intro from speaker T.D Jakes & emotionally charged sound from Downtown Music the song portrays the effects of Time & how the decisions one makes on the journey throughout Life traumatically impacts the future outcomes of Families, Friends & all those around us. ⌚️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Both Artists display lyrical ability telling listeners of true tragic incidents of past relationships & how time affected life changing outcomes. Coming to the message of realizing Time is the only “true measurement in life” -J.E.V.I Pe$ci- ⏲

The song ends the year with Lvstovdavillainz showcasing a different side & sound from thier normal hard hitting gritty street tracks to displaying a much softened, slower paced, sympathetically motivated storyline for Christmas, giving the artists a chance to show how musically dynamic they can be. 🎙🎶🌎♻️

Don’t Waste My Time is an inspirational song that all walks of life on this planet can relate to, with both R&B/ & Hip Hop vibes & deeply motivational aspect. Mind blowing visuals & lyrical talent make this a “must see” video & track! Also Remember if you enjoy Please feel free to always show LOV & support through subscribing liking & commenting as both these independent artists have the talent to accomplish a strong position in todays music world. 🎤🎵🌏 Lonjevity aka J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell - L.O..V (Lvstovdavillainz)

The end of the video shows time elapsing backwards in fast & slow motion as Motivational Speaker T.D Jakes chilling message of “Time” sends chills to the listener climaxing into a clip from the movie “Benjamin Button” as the “old clock” locked away in a water flooded storage room stops ticking. 🎥🕰💭

J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell -Lvstovdavillainz

🎯🕹 Game Over 🎰🎭

Game over – Written & Performed by Lonjevity J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell of L.O.V Lvstovdavillainz Visuals By @Stash3119 & Sounds by StreetEmpire. Game Over – Music Video

Game Over was shot & Filmed by STASH3119 on location on Main Street Park in Historic District of Four Oaks North Carolina showing landscaped of the historic streets and buildings as the 2 artists are shown playing chess off a near by roadway on a park bench.

The song symbolizes the way that “Life” can Be like a Game of Chess, metaphorically explaining how if you do not make the right choices it could be “Game Over”.

Game over starts with an excerpt from the movie “Witness To The Mobb” one of J.E.V.I’s favorites written produced & directed by Robert Deniro Himself probably one of the best Mobb Movies Ever made so if you havent seen it & like Mobb Movies its a defenite “must watch” in a scene where “Tonto” is Explaining to a then-fresh “Sammy the Bull” about how the Mafia works & Using theyre Chess Game Board as an example. J.E.V.I then slowly comes into the chorus with a monitor beeping sound as a flat line approaching slams into repeating the hook with more emotion Directly into J.E.V.I ‘s verse, both artists showcase thier lyrical abilities with strong emotional verses portraying the mistakes in lifes jouney and coming to the realization of reaching an inevitable ending point together.

Game Over Is One of the Hottest Personal Projects J.E.V.I has released stepping out of his classic normal 2nd or 3rd verse he initiates the entire track from writing & dropping the chorus right into an amazingly strong 1st verse! He says he was engulfed by the beat and felt personally responsible for the sound he imagined to come together. “Life is like a chess Game” he claims is one of his favorite quotes and this project symbolizes that! Defenitely a raw emotional song certified classic Jevipesci & Axcell LOV #lvstovdavillainz sound with hard hitting snare and bass with executional style lyrics but with a sad emotionally charged background reminding me of something of a “Nas” – “If I ruled the world” type of song. Again stands among no other in todays hip hop world with meaning & emotion, lyrical skills, a moving instrumental, with amazing visuals of the surrounding environment of both Artists. Hip Hop Hedz must see!J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell (L.O.V)!

Get Thier Debut Album #Lvstovdavillainz available Now on all digital platforms! Lvstovdavillainz on itunes

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🌕Wut It Feelz Like🌑 

🎧”Wut It Feelz Like” – Written & performed by @J.E.V.I Pe$ci & @Axcell (L.O.V) #lvstovdavillainz Visuals by @Stash3119 Sounds by @Kontraband 

J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell- Wut It Feelz Like

📹🎞Visuals by Sta$h created a magnificent sunset backdrop on a 6 story rooftop building overlooking I-95 from the town of Smithfield North Carolina with both Artists dressed in suit & tie to portray the “good” in lifes struggles, as snippets flash of them walking through an eerie graveyard in their gritty normal attire, appearing to be drinking & smoking mourning the loss of loved ones, translating the dark & “bad” in life’s struggles. 🌓

J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell (L.O.V) # lvstovdavillainz

🎬Opening with a sample from the movie “felon” of John Smith played by Val Kilmer telling his new Cellmate Steven Dorff how in his mind it feels like in his life it has only been a day, when in reality it has been a lifetime, a great example of how the artists J.E.V.I & Axcell “feel like” in hip hop.

 🎹Sounds from @Kontraband have a deep, dark, bassy, trap beat with uplifting chords & amazing drops, with Axcell on the Hook singing a repetitive catchy hypnotic “this is wut it feels like”, both Artists don’t disappoint! 🤐 Inquisitive Lyrics tell of the struggles both have been through creating emotional verses. The worplay is endangered! An angered but sadened emotionally charged roller coaster of love hate pain joy pain & struggle, A later bridge brings Jevi into a rythmic break, harmonizing of losing a loved one & overcoming, next to a gravestone drinking with Axcell then slowly into The ending. Over 5 mins of pure hiphop! From beginning buildup to an astonishing end! Without giving up too much! 🙊 Truly a must listen all the way for hip hop headz!

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Wut It Feelz Like

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